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Flow chemistry instruments

Flow chemistry instruments

FutureChemistry can deliver the flow chemistry instruments which fits the needs of the customer. With these instruments, every chemist can implement flow chemistry into their laboratory.

Complete Systems

FutureChemistry gives access to their technology by offering several different flow chemistry systems, each one designed for different research purposes. These systems vary in mode of operation, scale and temperature range.


With the FlowStart Evo you can start working with flow chemistry today! The FlowStart Evo is the most reliable, versatile and easy-to-use microreactor platform available. It can even be used for flow chemistry education in combination with our flow chemistry course.

Benefits of the FlowStart Evo

  • Plug ‘n Play
  • Stand alone, no PC required
  • Wide range of add-on modules available
  • Can be coupled to inline analysis
  • Excellent mixing at microliter scale
  • Hands-on pump control
  • Temperature control over total microreactor surface
  • Easy product collection




The FlowSafe is a compact, advanced system for the production of new and routine PET-tracers and retains the benefits of flexibility and ease-of-use of the instrument. The FlowSafe automates production of PET tracers, using an 18F solution directly from a cyclotron target or 18F trapped on cartridges.

Benefits of the FlowSafe

  • Fully automated production of standard radiotracers e.g. 18F-FDG, 18F-FLT, 18F-MPPF and 18F-FMISO
  • Advanced controlled drying of 18F
  • Integrated design: no large external housing for e.g. cooling, heating and control electronics
  • design for excellent serviceability
  • Plug ‘n Play
  • Low operational costs due to re-using of wetted parts
  • Flexible design allows combining drying, reacting, purifying and formulating steps yielding a ready-to-use PET-tracer
  • Batch reactors and flow microreactors: combining best of both worlds/list_item]

FlowSafe’s two microreactor stations enable

  • Synthesis above boiling point of solvent
  • High control over reagents gives access to shorter reaction times and increased reliability and reproducibility
  • Shorter reaction tmes allow working with instable precursors and intermediates




FlowExpert’s innovative design makes advances flow chemistry accessible. A true state of the art microreactor platform that integrates great usability with new opportunities for high level flow chemistry.

FlowExpert’s innovative design integrates great usability with new opportunities for advanced flow chemistry. FutureChemistry offers several standard FlowExpert configurations for multiple application.

Benefits of the FlowExpert

  • Plug ‘n Play
  • Advanced system with low learning curve
  • Automated synthesis
  • cGMP compliant workflow
  • Direct coupling to GC/HPLC intruments
  • Works under inert conditions
  • Excellent mixing at microliter scale
  • High reproducibility

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Add-on Modules

FutureChemistry offers a wide range of add-on modules, making  flow chemistry available for new applications and broadens the scope of your systems. All additional modules are compatible with our flow chemistry instruments.

FutureChemistry-Photochemistry module on FlowStart Evo

Photochemistry Module
The Photochemistry add-on module allows you to combine photochemistry with the benefits that flow chemistry offers.

• Photosenstized conjugate addition

High temperature flow chemistry instruments

High temperature module

The maximum temperature of our instruments can now simply be increased to 200 °C with this high temperature module, maintaining the reliability of the fluidic connection and covering the entire microreactor surface.

Back pressure regulator on FlowStart Evo

Back pressure regulator
Working at higher temperatures often also requires higher pressures. The Back pressure regulator increases the pressure inside the microreactor up to 5 bar.

• Nitration of Anisole

Flowstart EVO combined with FlowIR

FlowIR™ For Continuous Flow Chemistry
Integration of both systems means combining our state of the art flow chemistry instruments with  reliable real-time monitoring of your continuous flow reactions, saving valuable time and materials

• Vilsmeier–Haack Formylation of Electron-Rich Arenes

computer control FlowStart Evo

Computer control upgrade
The FlowStart Evo is standard fully controllable with its local control interfaces. However, you can now also control it remotely on a laptop with the FlowStart Evo Remote Control Upgrade