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  • Dion van der Born, PhD

    Dion has performed a PhD research project at the VU University Medical Centre. In this project, he has developed a novel methodology to incorporate a fluorine-18 labelled trifluoromethyl (CF3) functional group onto an aromate. This method enables the radiolabelling and biological evaluation of drugs and drug candidates which contain the CF3 group.

    As a radiochemist at FutureChemistry, Dion is responsible for the development of radiolabelled compounds and their biological evaluation.

  • Dr. Pieter Nieuwland

    After receiving his Masters degree in Organic Chemistry, Pieter performed a PhD research project on the Radboud University Nijmegen. Focusing on the implementation of microreactor technology in organic chemistry, this research laid the foundation for FutureChemistry’s IP portfolio.

    Currently, Pieter is responsible for all research and development, product improvement and logistics.