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James Hill, PhD

James Hill, PhD


James Hill, PhD – Radiochemist and Business Developer 

James received a Bachelor of Commerce in Corporate Finance from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Science and PhD from The University of Queensland in the field of Medicinal and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry. Throughout his education and training, he gained substantial hands-on experience developing carbon-11 and fluorine-18 tracers for positron emission tomography.

James moved to the Netherlands, to continue work with carbon-11 and fluorine-18, undertaking postdoctoral research at Amsterdam University Medical Centre (VU). Following this, James worked as an Innovation Consultant, helping companies acquire > €8M in subsidy funding.

Now, at FutureChemistry, James spearheads the development of radiolabelling services and fosters collaborative partnerships within the industry. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in assisting with funding applications, leveraging his unique blend of financial and scientific knowledge to propel the company’s growth and success.