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FutureChemistry supplies off-the-shelf microreactors fully compatible with our products and also offers the opportunity to design your own custom microreactors. The off-the-shelf microreactors are the best way to start your flow chemistry experiments and screen reaction parameters. The microreactors can be ordered as packs and are supplied in green cartridges.

microreactor with hand

Basic Microreactor

Our most basis microreactor designed for general two component chemical reactions.

– Nitration of Cumene
– Aldol condensation

Basic Quench Microreactor

The addition of a third inlet enables you to quench the reaction that takes place inside the microreactor.

– Grignard reaction
– Prilezhaev epoxidation

Short Quench Microreactor

The small internal volume of this microreactor allows you to conduct experiments for which short reaction times are required

– Droplet Generation
– Swern Moffatt Oxidation