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Radiochemistry Services

Radiochemistry Services

Molecular imaging allows you to‘track and trace’your lead pharmaceutical compound in vivo.

FutureChemistry supplies technology and services for radiolabeling for the pharmaceutical industry, SMEs and academia. FutureChemistry has the know-how, expertise and technology to develop and produce radiolabeled compounds and to perform preclinical imaging studies with its partners. Using our technology, we are able to quickly develop and produce new PET-tracers from your compound of interest.

Using fast-paced development schemes, we are thus able to deliver critical efficacy and safety data on novel drug candidates to drug developers. By breaking down current time- and cost barriers, this enables a more effective selection of candidates in the drug development pipeline, lowering cost and reducing risk.

​In a Dutch consortium, funded partially by the EU program EFRD and the province of Gelderland, FutureChemistry has closely collaborated with launching customers to realize the fast development and show-casing exciting and valuable information on active compounds currently in different levels of research or development. FutureChemistry is now commercializing services developed in this program, so your company gets access to this technology.

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