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Products and Services

Products and Services

Besides complete flow chemistry systems to perform your chemistry, FutureChemistry offers several other services such as Radiochemistry labeling,
production of quantum dots and process development.


Flow chemistry instruments

FutureChemistry can deliver the flow chemistry instruments which fits the needs of the customer. With these instrument, every chemist can implement flow chemistry into their laboratory.

Flow chemistry consultancy

Need help with your process? Or too early to step into the game and first want a feasibility on your process?  We have the recourses to help you start your flow chemical process

FutureChemistry-Flow process implementation

Flow process implementation

FutureChemistry has years of experience in flow chemistry and can assist in feasibility studies, process optimisation, custom manufacturing and in the development of other innovative flow solutions. FutureChemistry offer services for implementation at our R&D facilities, thereby taking the problem of setting up flow chemistry in your company out of your hands.

Radiochemistry services

FutureChemistry supplies technology and services for radiolabelling for the pharmaceutical industry. FutureChemistry has the technology to develop and produce the radiolabelled compounds and to perform preclinical studies.

FutureChemistry-radiochemistry services

(Nano) materials

FutureChemistry can control the formation of (nano) particles in such way that the chemical, Biological and physical properties of the end-material are tuned to the final requirements demanded by the application.

Flow chemistry education

Many companies are now applying flow chemistry. It is becoming an essential tool in research and development. Therefore, it becomes important to educate future scientists about this technology. That is why FutureChemistry offers a flow chemistry practical course on the implementation of flow chemistry at universities.

FutureChemistry-Flow chemistry education