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Use of gas in Flow

Use of gas in Flow

Quick Overview

The Gas Module enables you to easily perform gas/liquid reactions with excellent control. The Module can be added to any flow chemistry instrument.

The Gas Module supplies gas reagents dissolved in liquids to flow systems such as the FlowStart Evo. It includes an easy-to-use gas flow controller with local interfacing (it is also possible to connect the controller to a PC). Suitable for most non-corrosive gases such as hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This module excludes gas cilinder and regulator, and requires a gas supply of 10 bar.


Maximum pressure – 13 bar (200 psi)
Flow range (gas) 0.15-20 mL/min
Flow range (Liquid) 0 – 2.5 mL/min
Dimensions (w x d x h) 240 x 340 x 300 mm
wetted parts (all replaceable) PTFE, PEEK, ETFE, FEP, stainless steel
 Operating mode manual, stand-alone (or remote controlled)
Compatible gases Hydrogen, carbon dioxide and most other non-corrosive gases*